An important question to ask yourself when it comes to stress, anxiety and burnout, is "what do I need that will give myself energy?" You were born with the authentic root of who you are, what you like and what you need. From the moment you were born, you knew this answer, and you were not afraid to ask for it. However, as we grew older we may have lost sight of this while we allowed other peoples opinions to shape our behaviors. Our desire for other peoples approval can be very stressful and may even cause anxiety within us. It is in these moments that we forget to accept ourselves. 


When we are out of alignment with our soul, we often feel stuck, off balance or think our lives are lacking purpose and meaning. You might be searching for clarity and certainty of who you are and what you desire. Getting to know yourself on a deep connected level can feel freeing, fulfilling and inspiring. By taking a look inward, you can get to know your wants, needs, values, beliefs, desires and passions, helping you to live fully and authentically! Having alignment within yourself connects you to your soul, however that looks and feels as an individual.

Saisha McNeil
Life Coach and RPC-C

As a Life Coach and Counsellor, I aspire to help others who want to grow, connect and find their true selves so they can pursue life and live to their full potential!


For years I lived my life as a people-pleaser, running away from myself in order to make others happy. Not knowing who I was or what I wanted, I felt lost, confused and insecure. My path of healing and re-discovering myself inspired me to support others in their journey! 


Saisha McNeil

Counsellor RPC-C and Wellness Coach

E-mail: saisha@rootstoyoursoul.com

Phone: 250 802 2595

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