The most transformational moment of my life was when I decided to stop doing and start being!

Saisha McNeil
Holistic Life Coach & Counsellor RPC-C


It is no secret that chronic, unmanaged stress can lead to pain, inflammation and illness within the body. There’s no doubt that our lives can become very busy and overwhelming at times, whether that be a work deadline coming up, errands to run, emails to check, kids to care for, people to see, a house to clean or dinner to cook, there seems to always be something that needs taking care of. But what about you? While you are so busy taking care of the “to-do’s” in your life, who is busy taking care of you? It’s easy to get swept up in life’s constant demands that we forget to pause even for a brief moment just to check in with ourselves and ask “what do I need?” It’s possible that you may even feel guilty for taking a little time for yourself, making it hard to turn down plans when a friend asks to go for coffee.


There’s a sense of accomplishment and pride in living a busy lifestyle, but when we do not make time for ourselves and do what brings us joy, we begin to force ourselves to run on low energy, which over time can be hard on our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.


If we keep neglecting our need for rest and repair, joy and excitement, our body is left with no choice but to begin demanding attention. You may be feeling fatigued or burnt out. Maybe you are feeling sick or are experiencing some form of pain? It can be very frustrating to live in a body that is not functioning how you would like. Much like a vehicle that’s been driving without oil or fuel, things begin to break down. The only difference is, our body is also capable of miracles, meaning it has the ability to fix and heal itself.


Life Coaching and Counselling provides tools to help you recognize the stressors in your life and how to manage them so they no longer have power over you. You may not have control of what happens to you, but you do have a choice in how you think, feel and respond. When you choose to work with your body rather than against it, you begin to create a relationship with yourself built on faith, love and trust. If you are ready to pursue life, and stop allowing life to pursue you, contact Saisha today to book a complimentary consultation session. By working together, we can help you move from overwhelmed exhaustion to a mindful, energized state so you can live with more ease, joy, and fulfillment!


Saisha McNeil

Holistic Life Coach & Counsellor RPC-C


Phone: 250 802 2595

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