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Once I decided to make myself priority, life became more clear and satisfying.

For the longest time I lived my life selflessly; attending to the needs of others and doing my best to please them. At times of feeling taken advantage of, others would call me a push-over and tell me to stand up for myself. Because I never wanted to hurt another person's feelings, I thought this was impossible. As I lost sense of who I was, stress started to accumulate and my energy levels dropped to the point that I had nothing left to give. Choosing to no longer live this way, I shifted my selfless behavior from one that drained me to one that supports me. Finding my inner strength and power has allowed me to live a fulfilled, authentic life with self respect and worth. Now that I make myself the priority, there is more of me to give. I have more energy than I ever knew existed, and my passion for helping others has heightened and expanded. With the belief that in order to help others we must help ourselves first, I aspire to support the generous, selfless souls in the world to be their true authentic selves while aligning to their souls.


This might look like someone who puts other people's needs before their own, are feeling lost, stuck, overwhelmed or off balance, and is looking for a new path in life.  


I believe the answers to all your questions lye within you. With guidance and constant support, I will help you to discover and get to know yourself on a deep, connected level. Knowing and understanding your passions, dreams, wants, needs and values will help you to live in accordance to yourself while moving forward and working through any barriers in your life that may challenge your growth. While encouraging you to look within, I'll be by your side supporting you through your journey of life and self-discovery. 


Saisha McNeil

Counsellor RPC-C and Wellness Coach


Phone: 250 802 2595

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