My Why

Once I decided to make myself the priority, life became more clear and satisfying.

For as long as I can remember, I lived my life selflessly, putting other people’s feelings and needs above my own and doing my absolute best to please them. I would go with the flow, agree with what others wanted/said, and say “yes” even when I wanted to say “no”.  At the time, I thought I was just being an easy going person, when in actuality, I was avoiding conflict and suppressing my own needs and emotions. Why?! Well there are a few reasons...

Number 1: I thought it was what a kind, caring and considerate person does. Number 2: I believed it was my responsibility to please everyone and make them happy. Number 3: I thought if I didn’t please other people, then that meant I was “bad” or I did something “wrong”. and lastly, Number 4: I was afraid that people wouldn’t like me speaking my truth and they would end up leaving me.


Although I didn’t realize it, while I was so worried about being abandoned, I ended up abandoning myself. I started to feel lost, insecure, and disconnected within. Stress started to accumulate and my energy levels dropped to the point that I had nothing left to give. I was sick, I was tired and I had had enough.


So I sought help and support. I saw a life coach and counsellor and attended intensive group therapy to help me recover from people-pleasing and reconnect with my authentic sense of self. I healed the scared child within me, befriended my nervous system, learned how to honour my needs, communicate my boundaries and put myself first. While looking inside, I discovered my values, wants, needs and beliefs, all of which makes up who I truly am! I gained the confidence and courage to step forward, be myself, speak my truth and connect with others from a place of authenticity. Thanks to my healing and growth journey, I can honestly say I live a much more empowered and fulfilling life than I ever new possible.


My healing journey through self discovery is the inspiration and motivation behind what I do and how I help. I understand how challenging and exhausting it is to live your life for other people, constantly putting them first and doing your best to please them. But I also know what it’s like to come out on the other side. To put yourself first, feel connected, aligned, confident, energized and filled with joy! It is worth it, and you sooooo deserve it. 


And that is why I do what I do!