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How I Can Help


I offer life coaching and counselling services both online and in the Nanaimo community. I follow the client-centered approach which means I do not provide you with advice or answers, rather I help you find the answers within yourself. I provide an open, safe space for you to come forward, share your story, express your feelings and discover your true self. During our sessions, we will look at different mental, emotional, physical and spiritual components related to what is going on for you. While looking inside can often feel scary, I will be by your side supporting you every step of the way. Throughout our time together, I will provide you with different tools and resources to help your growth process. At the end of each session, we will assign homework together that encourages you to put the tools to practice in your daily life, where eventually they will become easily implemented and you will no longer need my coaching and counselling services.

Are you ready

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How To Book

First time booking? No problem! Contact me via email to set up a FREE 45 minute online information session where we will briefly discuss what is going on for you and your reason for seeking counselling and/or coaching. We will use this time to get clear on what my service looks like, how I can best help you, and to answer any questions we have. Near the end of our 45 minutes, we will decide whether or not we are a good fit for one another. Not all client's and coaches connect, however I wan't to ensure you will have the support you are looking for.

Sessions from then on can be set in advance or booked week to week!  


Saisha McNeil

Counsellor RPC-C and Wellness Coach

E-mail: saisha@rootstoyoursoul.com

Phone: 250 802 2595

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